Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Printing and Copying


Our high-speed digital printers provide you with crisp, detailed high-resolution prints. We offer an assortment of printers to fit your needs. We can provide construction bid sets with printers that print up to 22 pages per minute to meet your challenging schedule, or high-quality resolution prints at 600x1800 dpi to give your plans that exceptional look. We can also take your existing Blueprints and scan them to create electronic files for archiving, emailing and for on-demand document reproduction.

cad plotting

Our CAD Plotting services offer both black & white and color plotting up to 60" wide. We can print your files onto a variety of media: photo paper, presentation bond, production bond, etc. We use some of the fastest available color printers that offer high quality resolution, and some of our printers can hold up to eight inks.


We can scan your documents up to 42" wide in color or black & white. We offer scans in PDF, TIFF, or JPEG formatting. We can then copy your files to an array of media types, including CD, DVD, USB Sticks, and Hard Drives. In addition, we can archive your plan for future printing, file transfers, or to help you manage your projects with updates and addendums.

Color Printing:

Our color printers are some of the best. We have graphic printers with a very high resolution, which offer photo quality that will give you some of the best presentations available; in fact, we like to think that we provide award-winning prints. We also provide engineering color prints at more affordable rates.


We can redraw your plans using autocad, saving you time and money. Our typical turn-around time is three days; however, for very large jobs, please ask about our turn-around time.


With our wide-format color scanners, we can scan your AS-Built plans and save them to your choice of media, and email them or print them. Whatever your need is, we can help you succeed as your projects come to an end.



Our small format copying and printing services range from high-volume black & white copying and printing to printing of various manuals such as safety manuals, operation manuals, training manuals and much more. Our color printers are great for color work, as well as graphs and charts that need clarity with color that pops. We also offer a variety of binding options to give your work that professional look.


We offer Pick Up & Delivery services as well as out-of-town deliveries using our fleet, courier, or shipping services. For same-day service, we can utilize our ReproMAX Network in over 350 locations in North America and Europe.


Architectural and Construction Services

Archiving Plans:

We can scan your prints in TIFF or PDF formats for storage. We can also send your scans to your consultants, contractors or subcontractors. These files can be stored for printing on demand and future distribution. Since 2004, we have stored thousands of plans.


One of our most popular services is managing your plans. We regularly update plans, archiving old sheets and replacing them with revised sheets that are placed in a "Working or Current" set. Again, these can be distributed to those working on the project at a later time.


As we distribute your plans, we can also record and keep track of your end users, allowing you to maintain updated records. We can distribute your plans electronically, by personal delivery, or by a third-party carrier.


We have the ability to upload and download large files, and handle hundreds of megabytes smoothly and in an efficient manner.