Digital Prints & Imaging provides high quality prints and marketing material such as business cards, posters, banners, flyers, signage and the like. DPI of Santa Rosa also provides electronic blueprints with construction document services such as scanning, archiving, specification manuals and copying services. In addition to all of this, Digital Prints & Services offers finishing services for trade shows, retail stores, restaurants, and wineries by providing lamination and mounting services.



To continually evolve within the dynamics of the reprographic industry while using advances in technology to expand our services and help build a better country and world. 



our mission

To provide our clients with the best services within the reprographic industry while working to increase the value of our services and products through dedication to continuous improvement.



our values

  • Providing our clients with the best possible service
  • Seeking solutions to our client's needs
  • Nurturing our employee, client and vendor relationships
  • Conducting business honestly and sincerely
  • Running a socially and environmentally responsible business
  • Working diligently to handle all tasks correctly the first time
  • Maintaining a proactive approach in all that we do